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Airport Transit Visa for the Netherlands / Schengen


An airport transit visa allows the applicant to stay within the international transit zone only. The applicant is not allowed to go through customs and enter the Netherlands / Schengen area, even if you want to leave the airport only for a few hours.

If you wish to leave the airport, need to collect your luggage, or check in with another airline for an onward flight within the Schengen area, regular visa requirements for a short-stay Schengen visa apply. Please use the Visa Inquiry Form to find out whether you need a Schengen visa.


An airport transit visa, which means passing through the international transit zone of an airport, is no longer required for holders of a valid visa for the USA, Canada, Japan, Switzerland or an EEA-member state or if they are on the return journey from these countries after having made use of this visa.

The following categories are exempt from the Airport Transit Visa requirement:

  • Holders of a valid residence permit for Canada (PRC), the United States of America (ARC or I551 stamp), or one of the EEA member states. The residence permit must be valid on the arrival and departure date from the Netherlands.
  • Holders of a valid visa for the USA, Canada, Japan, Switzerland or an EEA-member states or if they are on return journey from these countries having made use of this visa
  • Holders of a US or Canadian Refugee Travel Document
  • Holders of a Diplomatic or Service (special) passports
  • Holders of a Flight Crew Member's License or a Crew Member Certificate issued based on the Agreement of Chicago.


If after reading through the above exemptions you believe you still need an airport transit visa, please email the Netherlands Information Desk submitting the following information:

subject: airport transit visa request

In the message:

1.your name and place of birth
3.type of passport you are holding
4.your nationality
5.your full travel route (including stops and transfers)
6.and most importantly your (visa) status upon arrival and current (visa) status.

Please note: we cannot process a visa request if you are an illegal immigrant.