Consular Services, Western Hemisphere

Passport renewal adults

Applies to you if:

- you are 18 years of age or older; and
- you are in possession of an original current or expired Dutch passport (or where added before in a passport of the parent and can submit that passport).

Dutch law only allows dual nationality in a limited number of very specific situations. Please first verify if you are eligible to hold another nationality besides the Dutch nationality and which additional requirements need to be submitted before you schedule an appointment to renew your passport.

Mandatory documents

Original documents and a copy of each document must be submitted. If no copies are submitted, original documents will not be returned. Consular officers cannot make copies during the appointment.


Current Dutch passport.


Proof of valid status in country of application:

- Valid visa (and supporting forms); or

- Valid residence card; or


- Passport(s) all foreign nationality(ies) even if expired and other documents showing how and when you obtained the other nationality (e.g. original or legalized naturalization certificate, birth certificate, birth abroad certificate).


One recent passport picture (preferably no more than 6 months old) according to the Dutch passport photo requirements. You are encouraged to have your picture taken by a recommended photographer.


Completed passport application form. Please sign the form at the consular office.


If you wish to have your marital status reflected in your passport (not mandatory) please note that your passport can only reflect your current status. All documents issued in any other country than the Netherlands, need to be legalized (please note: a notarized copy is not yet a legalized copy).

If your marital status has changed since your last application ((re) married, divorced, widowed) you either need to change this in the passport or choose to leave the annotation out.

To add or change the marital status in your passport: submit a recently issued (less than one year ago) marriage certificate and/or divorce decree. Certificates should always show full names, and place and date of birth of all parties involved.

To add "widow of' a legalized certificate is required. To change "married to" to “widow of”, the death certificate does not need to be recent or legalized.

If you wish to leave out a current annotation, no documents need to be submitted.


BurgerServiceNumber (BSN)*. If your BSN was mentioned in the previous passport it will automatically be added to your new passport. If your BSN is not yet mentioned, but you do have one, please submit additional proof (e.g. letter of tax service, or SVB).


Current Passport fee. Payment is required at the time of application in local currency. All offices accept cash, US and Canadian offices also accept credit cards (visa & Mastercard).


To have your new and old passport sent back to you: read all mailing instructions and submit a prepaid self-addressed label.

If this is your first renewal after turning 18 years of age also submit:


Proof of Dutch nationality of at least one parent up until you (applicant) reached the age of 18, i.e. Dutch passport of parent and proof of status in country of residence, or naturalization certificate of parent and Statement of Confirmation (or all applicable papers).


Long form birth certificate listing the names of the parent(s) and city/town of birth. Since this is a renewal, the birth certificate does not have to be recently issued or legalized.

* Information on a BSN or how to apply for a BurgerServiceNumber next time you visit the Netherlands (in Dutch only) can be found here.

Schedule an Appointment

All applicants must apply in person at a Dutch Mission since we are lawfully required to confirm your identity and take your fingerprints. This also applies to children. An appointment is required and can be scheduled on our website

Processing time

Dutch passports currently take approximately four weeks to process, provided the application and documents you submitted are correct and complete.

The process may take considerably longer if further information is required. You are therefore advised to submit your application well before your current passport’s expiration date or your intended travel date.

Please note:

- if you choose to have the new passport sent to you instead of picking it up in person, you abstain yourself from the right to verify your fingerprints at the moment of receiving the passport.